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Bluetooth earphones are the easiest and most convenient way to listen to your favorite jam or podcast as you move around without necessarily carrying your phone, tablet, or computer. Since Bluetooth earphones come in different designs and sizes, it is impossible to point out one perfect model for every situation. But we believe the Teki Beatz and Teki Go On Spot were made with every music lover in mind. Their full, clear sound with a gangster vibe will have you listen to music, podcasts and make calls confidently, making them the Bluetooth earbuds of choice for 2022.


How we came up with the best Bluetooth earbuds in 2022

  • We listened to our customers: We conduct a rigorous feedback collection process to listen to our clients and implement their suggestions.
  • Panel testing: To eliminate bias, we test our products with expert listeners and hide the identities of the products they use during this process.
  • Real-world trials: The expert listeners spend many hours with our products to ensure they continue to perform well in their day-to-day use.
  • Price range: We benchmark our competitors to ensure our customers get the best Bluetooth earbuds at the best possible price.


Teki Go On Spot

Offering superb, detailed, and warm sound quality with noise cancellation capabilities, Teki Go On Spot are the undeniably best wireless earbuds you can buy. With an impressive battery life that can last up to eight hours, you can confidently go about your business without worrying about your charger. In addition to its fast charging capabilities, Teki Go On Spot is water-resistant and highly customizable.


Why you should buy Teki Go On Spot

  • Transmission range: 10 meters
  • Compatible devices: Android, IOS, Win
  • Fit for Occasion: Sport, Gym, Travel, Outdoor, Hiking


Teki Beatz

If you want a Bluetooth earbud that sounds bigger and bolder than the Teki Go On Spot, Teki Beatz is a perfect pick. Built for adventure, Teki Beatz is both water-resistant and bust-resistant. In addition, the multiple silicone ear tips ensure a comfortable fit without compromising sound quality.


Why you should buy Teki Beatz

  • Music time: 8 hours
  • Compatible devices: Android, IOS, Win
  • Standby time: Up to 170 hours

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