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Many people use earphones daily either on their way to work, to listen to podcasts and audiobooks, when exercising, or just when they want to switch off to their private world. It’s worth getting a really good pair of earphones if you love and enjoy listening to music.

Wireless earphones are a marvel of wonder in modern-day technology and engineering. These days, they are a preferred option as they help with the tangling issues that earphones with cords come with. They have become an essential kit especially for people who work in an open-plan office, noisy environments, or for those who work at home.

Not all wireless earphones are created equal. Some are great products while others are not.

Are you wondering how you would know if budget-friendly pair of wireless earphones from a little-known brand can deliver sound quality? To answer this question, keep on reading to find out what to look out for in this article.

The key features to look out for when shopping for Wireless Earphones

1. Affordable price

Good-quality earphones don’t usually come cheap. For a start, they need a good quality Bluetooth chip and a decent high-density battery for them to work for longer hours. Although the market is flooded with cheaper-priced earphones,

Teki wireless earphones are guaranteed to give you value for your investment as they use the latest Bluetooth technology and have a battery life of up to 8 to 10 hours of playback time.

2. Ear-tips

Would you believe it if I told you ear tips are the most important part of earphones? Shocking right? Yes as shocking as this is, it’s a fact. Ear tips are very important to earphones as they form a seal to your ear canal to ensure good sound distribution.

Teki earphones come with 2 extra pairs of different sizes so that you have a choice of which ear tip size form a decent seal to your ear canal. The extra tips are also for when you misplace the tips.

3. Battery Life

A decent pair of earphones should give you up to a minimum of 6 hours of use. Teki wireless earphones have a longevity of 8-10 hours of playback time.

This means that you can listen to music with Teki earphones for up to 8 hours continuously on one charge before you have to recharge, isn’t that worth investing in Teki?

4. Controls

These are control buttons on the earphones. Teki earphones come with several control buttons on the earpiece you press to navigate without having to use your phones.

These control buttons include,
> Power button used to switch the earphones on and off. The power button is also used to pause a track and to pick calls hands-free.
> A plus (+) and minus (-) buttons which are used as skip buttons to skip to the next or the previous track. These buttons are also used for increasing and reducing volume.

5. Easy Pairing

Teki earphones are made with a good quality Bluetooth chip and use the latest technology in Bluetooth, Bluetooth 5.0 which makes pairing easier and can transmit up to 10m when there is no obstruction.

They are both compatible with android and IOS.

How to Pair Teki Bluetooth Wireless Earphones to your Phone.


1 Unpack and place the earphones around your neck or in your ears for the ear pods. The headset has a power button. Long press the power button until the earphones says “PAIRING”

2. Turn on the phone Bluetooth, search for the headset Bluetooth name “HE-05” and click on the connection.

3. After the headset is paired, put on your favorite playlist

4. To charge the headset, use the USB cable provided to charge through the charging port on the headsets.

Happy Listening


Even though the cost is a little bit more than your everyday earphones with a cord, Teki earphones are worth the extra money as they also offer premium features like Anti-Noise Cancelling and Water resistance.

They have superb sound quality. The sound is well balanced and the music is presented in a clear laid back style with the bass full of warmth and character.



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